Two keyword tools that assist in making keyword research easier

Targeting some of the best keywords for your website is the trick to success on the internet. If you pick the best keywords, the digital world of marketing is your oyster.

To be able to pick the best key phrases you have to take into consideration what you are intending to achieve. You need to think like your audience and think of the keywords they might want to use when searching for a business like yours. When your target market finds your internet site, they are most likely to purchase if your website is of a high quality, it is accurate and well presented and is easy to find your way around.

ksp dyslexia


In this example looking at a charity targeting dyslexia, symptoms of dyslexia as a key phrase has a Total Page Authority of 124 which is way up in the Red Zone. This phrase is therefore unlikely to be successful for the charity. Keywords like dyslexia test online, free dyslexia test, Meares-Irlen Syndrome or fine vision tasks are likely to have a lower TPA and might be better keywords to target.



Useful Target Key Phrases

If you are not near the top of the initial page of Google for the keywords you have targeted, you will not get very many new site visitors to your website. If you target keywords where imposing websites control the first page of the Google results pages, your company will not be likely to succeed online.

So precisely what makes a site effective for the major search engines like Google or Bing? Incoming internet link power is what helps to make these websites so effective. Websites like Wikipedia or press sites have millions of web links on other websites that are linked to them. Moz provides a free toolbar with Domain Authority and Page Authority scores for the page you are presently considering.

Keyword SEO Pro takes the Moz Domain and Page Authority rankings to the next degree. Current search engines utilize domain and page authority scores as a big part of their ranking algorithms. The Total Page Authority of a web page is the total amount of its Domain and Page Authority. Keyword SEO Pro establishes the average TPA of the web pages on the initial page of Google for a listing of key phrases. This figure for TPA is one of the most useful for keyword difficulty results that is offered.

The Google Keyword Planner gives the amount of searches for any type of keyword monthly. It furthermore supplies relevant keyword recommendations or even recommended bids for each keyword.

The data from the best keyword difficulty tool like Keyword SEO Pro can be assembled in an Excel spreadsheet. Immediately by checking it out you will be able to see the search quantities as well as keyword difficulty for each prospective keyword. You will furthermore understand the recommended bids for those keywords that are not obtainable for organic search where the competition is much too high.