Specifically how do you reach the First Page of Google? – The 4 Groups of Indicators

The 4 Groups of Positioning Indicators


Google as well as other internet search engines make use of at least 200 indicators for working out where to put websites on their results pages for any keyword. They can be separated into 4 sorts of groups:

1. On-page – placing keywords and other connected words in the text along with the underlying programming. The best keyword difficulty tools can help with finding the right keywords to use and seeing how they might rank in Google and this can help with internet marketing.

If potential customers like your website and are keen to do business with you, they may want to speak to you to find out more about what your company can offer. They may call you and it is most important that their call is answered promptly and efficiently to give the customer confidence in you.

A guaranteed way of making sure their call gets answered is to use a telephone answering service for the times when you are out of the office or cannot take a call. A telephone answering company can provide a virtual assistant to ensure all your calls are answered, messages can be passed on immediately and meetings can be set up through your diary management system.

Having invested time and money promoting your business online, you do not want to lose out on new business because a call gets missed.

2. Off-page– incoming web links from lots of other websites to your internet site could boost Page Authority and Domain Authority which can increase your website in the rankings.

3. Quality Score – this was firstly created thinking about the quality of AdWords which are Google’s Pay Per Click Adverts. Indicators like the amount of time people remain on a site as well as the bounce rate (site visitors that leave a website after a very short time having only spent time on the landing page) impact positioning.

wedding photographer - First Look - Wedding Photography TipsYTAs an example, a wedding photographer in Kent may use key phrases like bride and groom portraits, private web gallery or unique, stylish photographs on their website. If someone clicks on one of the AdWords having searched for one of these keywords, if they don’t like the look of the site they might just go back to the results pages and try another AdWord. This would certainly have an adverse effect on the ranking of that AdWord. If they then click on a different AdWord and spend a long time looking through that website, this will have a far better result on the position of that AdWord.

It is thought that Google uses Quality Scores in its ranking formula.

4. Digital Footprint – you can increase your digital footprint by making use of Social Media sites or generating articles, releasing them on your internet site and other sites with internet links back to your own site. Nobody truly understands how Social Networking affects ranking yet it is probably the many discussions that posts and also Social Networking pages produce.

It should also be remembered that as well as promoting your business online, business networking is another way of successfully promoting your business. A business networking group in Loughton could provide a useful method of connecting with like minded business people who can promote your company and pass on leads to enable you to gain new business contacts and new business opportunities.