SEO Training Courses

SEO Training CoursesMany people hope to create a website to promote their business. However, unless you can get onto the first page of Google, no one is going to find your website, unless they type the address into the address bar directly. But how can you yourself get your website onto the First Page of Google? SEO Training Courses.

By undertaking a SEO training course will help you learn how to promote your website to being in a position to bring in clients who do not type your website directly into the URL address bar. Yes some clients are handed your card, leaflet or referred to you by previous clients, but to reach out to a rider range of people can be achieved by having a website that can be viewed by people doing a keyword search.

However, if you do not have the patience for such a course, or the time, then why not employ SEO Essex to help get your website to the first page of Google for you. This organisation will look into keyword difficulty to select the best keywords you should use on your website to achieve a high homepage PageRank. PageRank is an algorithm that Google uses to ascertain the importance of your website. This involves measuring both website relevance and reputation. Your domain reputation can be viewed as the popularity of your website, that is, the number of links your website has to other websites. Your domain relevance is determined by the keywords used in search engines, the number of words in the keywords, synonyms and associated words.

Firstly, it helps to work out what the best keywords to use are, these are the Google PageRankwords people enter into search engines. You want the keywords to be easy to rank in search engine results pages. In addition, include geographical location with your keywords somewhere together on the same page of your website in exact order. Put the relevant key information in the title tag, which shows in the first line of each search result. Obviously, you therefore then want to ensure you use valid and informative URLs to tell search engines what each page of your website are about. In addition, you should have a sitemap for your website as Google uses sitemaps to learn about website structure. Furthermore, have your website linked to other websites as Google uses PageRank to ascertain website importance. Having a high domain authority is essential in having your website appear on the First Page of Google as a high page authority means that there is a high probability of the relevant page of your website being found in a search engine.

However, although the internet is a useful tool to promoting your business, face to face contact with a wide range of people can also benefit your business. Business Networking Essex is an easy way of doing this. Why not join this organisation and attend meetings with people from all over Essex. These meetings are an easy way to draw in clients and are also socially enjoyable as well.

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