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psychiatristTo be fully functional, that is to be at one’s best, people need unconditional positive regard from others, love and support from family, friends, and authority figures, such as teachers and religious leaders. Sadly, the majority of us do not receive this because we develop ‘conditions of worth’, that is, accepted conditions of value placed on us by others by accepting or rejecting experiences to gain positive regard from others. As such, we have accepted experiences as being good or bad based on the judgments of others and not our own. Thus, as infants, we grew striving towards and accepting positively valued experiences and avoiding and rejecting experiences valued negatively. Ultimately, our ‘selves’ begin to form as infants when we then recognised a differentiated portion of experiences as having a particular quality. Our infant selves are therefore built with self-concept, that is the ideas and feelings one has of oneself. Self-concept builds influentially as a result of being with others and being evaluated by others. Thus, if the self contains interjected material from others, the self may actualise differently from the organism resulting in a state of disharmony between the self and organism. This is incongruence between self and organism and accordingly, the greater the disharmony from interjections, the greater the incongruence between self and organism.  Moreover, the greater this incongruence is will result in greater psychological disorders.

These interjected experiences wrongly brought into conscious awareness and given meaning to are also experienced as threatening to the integrity of the self. The processes of defence become entrenched and a psychological disorder builds up so that under certain circumstances, the self-concept effectively ‘breaks’ under the pressure. The resulting state of disorganisation will be experienced characteristically by the individual as anxiety, depression, confusion, pain, or colloquially, a ‘nervous breakdown’.

At this time, we need to invoke the services of a psychiatrist to help us nervous breakdownrebuild congruence between our self and organism. Psychiatrist London is such an organisation that does this. Psychiatrist London is an independent organisation that tailors mental health assessments and treatments for each individual person, as no two people are exactly alike. They put both confidentiality and safety at the heart of their practice to help clients feel safe in their course of treatment at the various locations they have within the UK. They help clients detect the areas in their lives blocking them from being fully functional. Much like detective agency London helps people find that which they have lost, be it a possession or a truth. Such detective agencies are good at investigating crimes, such as psychiatrists are good at investigating our hidden truths and selves.

However, even our doctors’ are in need of support in times of difficulty. Groups such as Doctor’s Support help doctors who have been wronged in their places of employment. Sometimes, it is easier for a medical practice to claim blame on the doctor, even though the doctor is not to blame. They are just the easy scapegoat. Such times are very hard on doctors, often meaning that these victims of bureaucracy may need to seek medical help themselves. At these times a doctor may employ the services of a health employment law solicitor to bring a case against their employer in the health division. Everyone has the right for truth at work be it in the health sector or any other and everyone is entitled to representation from an employment law solicitor in cases of trouble in employment. Perhaps, to help us cope with life when troubled we may be benefited by life coach Hertfordshire to help us make the choices in life that suit us as individuals best. A life coach will help teach us what is right for us and what is not so that we know when to say yes and when to say no.

Marriage BreakdownSadly though, difficulties with health or employment can reek havoc on our family life and end relationships. This is when seeking the services of Family lawyer Hendon benefits us as a family lawyer will help do what is right for not just ourselves but the family as a whole when inevitably becomes divided. Although, before coming to a complete end, perhaps Mediation North East London can help reconcile differences to give the relationship another go.

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