MediationMediation is a legal form of alternative dispute resolution whereby a dispute between two or more parties can be resolved with concrete effects. Generally, an unbiased third party acts as the mediator to assist the negotiation of a settlement between all parties concerned. Mediation may be utilised in a variety of domains, such as legal, family, commercial, diplomatic, workplace or community matters.

Mediation means the use of an unbiased third party who facilitates rather than directs an agreement being reached between opposing parties. This means that the parties have control over the resolution they seek and not the mediator, whereas in court, control is held by the judge in the choice of resolution to be upheld by the parties. Thus, the mediation practice is preferable in the mutual agreement between disputants.

Mediation practice tends to follow a formal structure, timetable and Mediationdynamics that otherwise normal negotiating practice lack. Mediation is held in a private and confidential fashion that tends to be legally enforced. This means that mediation is strictly confidential whereas court hearings are open to the public. Ultimately, as confidentiality in mediation is of paramount importance, a mediator in most cases cannot be forced to testify in court. However, participation in this practice is voluntary as parties do not have to undertake mediation unless they are willing to respect the outcome.

For instance, two parents may enter mediation to negotiate an agreement in the contact of children but do not have to abide the decision, but will have to abide the court order that may then be sought by the disgruntled party. However, where cost may be of concern to parties, the mediator’s fee may be comparable to solicitors but the mediation process utilises far less time than having to use the standard legal channels of going through the court system which may take months or years to resolve. Mediation, on the other hand, can achieve a result in a matter of hours. Thus, as mediation takes less time, expenses are far less. Moreover, as the resolution tends to be mutually agreeable, compliance to the result is more often high and again reduced costs as a solicitor does not need to be hired to force the other party to comply with the agreement, but should this be the case, the mediated agreement is fully enforceable in a court of law.

MediationThe mediator is trained in the usage of a variety of techniques to help open or improve dialogue and empathy between disgruntled parties in the hope of reaching an agreement. As such, with the popularity growing in such practice, training programs, certifications and licenses have been implemented by Government to produced professionally trained mediators committed to this discipline. Mediators are trained to work with difficult situations in helping guide parties through the mediation process by helping disputants think outside the box to reach a resolution in a range of possible solutions.

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