Hendon is a suburb in the London Borough of Barnet. Its Postcode district is NW4. Much of Hendon is now developed, although there is still some countryside in the Mill Hill area. From the 1880s, industry wise here mostly consisted of manufacturing works, including both motor and aviation works. Indeed, the Hendon Aerodrome is a famous landmark. This was the place for the first airmail delivery, as well as where the first parachute descent took place from a powered aircraft. It was also where the first night flights took place. The Hendon Aerodrome is now Hendon’s most famous attraction, RAF Museum. It is suggested here that the first casualty in the Battle of Britain was a RAF Hurricane pilot born in Hendon.RAF Museum

Another leisurely activity in Hendon is to visit the 120 shops in Brent Cross Shopping Centre, or visit Cineworld Cinema in Staples Corner. Or for the more adrenaline seekers, why not try the Indoor climbing wall at Hendon Youth Sports centre, ideal for beginners to intermediate climbers. Or, if you would prefer a more leisurely stroll, how about going for a walk, bike ride, or taking your dog for a beautiful walk through the 1 hectare ancient hedgerows of Ashley Lane 400 years old trackway? However, should you no longer wish to go places with your partner as you wish to end the relationship, then perhaps a word with divorce solicitors Hendon would be advisable.

The Business School of Middlesex University can be found in Hendon, near to the Hendon Central tube station, on the Edgware branch of the Northern line. You may learn here how to achieve a high domain authority by having a high homepage pagerank with a google first page. In addition, you could ask Web Design Chingford to create a first page that will attract viewers to your website to boost business. The Metropolitan Police training centre is also found in Hendon. So I would not even litter if I were you. In fact, why not stay clean with commercial cleaning London? Perhaps, you may need your kitchen cupboards replacing if they look tatty to make your coffee break more appealing.

There are quite a few famous people who came from Hendon. The pioneer aviator, Claude Grahame-White, came from Hendon, as does Lacey Turner, best known for her role as Stacey Slater in the popular British Soap Eastenders. However, for the many of us who are unhappy with work, or cannot get employed, it might be worth your while to speak with an employment law solicitor to make sure employers are not violating us. Alternatively, have you ever wondered why you struggle to read? Perhaps the headaches or migraines you get from prolonged reading or use of computer may be a factor as to why you are finding it difficult to work. There is a distinct possibility that you may have Mearles-Irlen Syndrome. It may therefore be adviseable to speak with your optician if this may be a problem you can relate to.

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