Google Algorithm

google algorithmGoogle Algorithm methodologically ranks websites based on search engine results. PageRank is the algorithm Google uses to measure website page importance by examining both website page reputation and relevance. A website page’s reputation can be thought of as popularity or importance or authority. This is determined by the total link value of links to both the Webpage and the Website (domain authority) and whether it is the HomePage of the Website. Relevance is determined by the keywords used in search engines, the number of words in the keywords, synonyms and associated words.

Google Algorithm will view Relevance in SEO on-page optimization and magicianreputation to what others say about a website, that is, the links others place in their websites to your website. The greater number of links, the more people have to say about you, the greater your reputation.  A Close Up Magician could create an illusion of having a google algorithm portraying a website with great importance to get a website onto page one of Google. By having both great relevance and reputation could help an office cleaning London company to appear on page one of Google by conducting a keyword search that is relevant to office cleaning in London as well as using keywords that count as anchor text of incoming links to boost its reputation. It can be further help by including geographical location in the anchor. These days a business in Essex needs to ensure that it is optimised (SEO) for its target keywords. A local SEO Essex company would be well placed to achieve this. This Essex business needs to ensure that its computer system is always functioning so that it responds quickly to emails from clients. It would be wise for them to have a contract with a Computer Support Essex firm who will sort out IT problems quickly.

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