Why is it getting more difficult to get to the first page of Google for your keywords?



Setting up a good quality website as the only method of online marketing to promote your business online is not going to get you the results you want any more. You will need to include

– inbound web link power

– typical postings of new material regularly

– usage of social networking.


1. There are 2 new aspects to Google’s ranking algorithm:.

a) Quality Score. Google accumulates particular signal information to examine the performance of a web page on a specific search term. Only a small amount of time on a website, the bounce rate and also going back to Google to study another website for the exact same keywords would suggest low quality (Viniker DA ).

b) Digital Footprint. There is a bit more evidence to reveal that raising your electronic footprint with brand-new short articles, blogging and the regular usage of high quality social networks like Google +, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can have a favourable impact on positioning (Peter Simcoe).


2. The amount of competition is going up quickly. There were 2 million websites in 1998. In 2010, this had gone up to 200 million sites and over the period of the last 5 years this has actually gone up to 1 billion websites today.

The 4 Variables affecting internet search engine positions for keywords – a short summary

On-Page Optimization

Prior to Google in 1998, online search engines only thought about on-page factors. If target search expressions were placed in the material and in the underlying coding (the meta-description as well as the meta-keywords) lots of times, the website was likely to be positioned near the top of Google. Actually it is well known that if, in the past, you looked for AltaVista using the AltaVista online search engine, the AltaVista website was listed below the fifth page.

Euros Money Visualization - How to attract money hypnosis -AMAZING abundance Youtube 650 1In the past, professional accountants in Essex with a website would just need to include search terms in their content – perhaps financial accounting Loughton, bookkeeping services Chelmsford or Chartered Accountants Romford – for their internet site to be placed highly on Google.


Nowadays this would not get you to the top of Google but keyword research, making use of the keyword difficulty tool, might help to improve your domain authority and your online presence, thereby pushing you nearer the top of Google.

Off-Page Optimization

Google released the concept of user signals to impact ranking. It used PageRank (which was named after one of the founders, Larry Page). The PageRank of a page was computed from the sum of the worth of all the incoming links to the sites. Google does still use PageRank in its ranking formula yet it stopped launching PageRank data to the general public in December 2013. Moz Page and Domain Authority ratings have actually become the finest indications of page authority and also domain authority that are available.

Quality Score

Google obtains billions of dollars each year from its PPC campaign (AdWords) and it uses Quality Score to affect positioning for AdWords. Therefore rankings rely on a mix of bids and quality scores of contending web pages on websites. Many optimisers assume that Quality Score belongs in natural positioning. Yet undoubtedly, Quality Score will absolutely rely on the quality of the data provided in addition to the presentation of the information.

Social networking internet sites

Internet Dollarphotoclub_39091964 421There is much evidence that raising your electronic footprint by writing blogs (producing fresh content) and promoting your website on social media websites like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter has a positive result on organic positioning (Peter Simcoe).


However, there are various other means to promote a company that should not be forgotten. Joining a business networking group in Ilford if you have a business in Barking can generate new business for your company through networking at informal gatherings with like minded business people who can pass on referrals to you. The value of a website should not be forgotten though.