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Crossrail train – Romford

Crossrail is Europe’s largest infrastructure project and under five years of construction is now at its midpoint keeping to its given time and budget of £14.8bn, of which over 60% of costs are funded by both Londoners and London businesses.

Crossrail is due to open in 2018. London’s rail-based transport network capacity should increase by 10%. It’s commencement will sustain regeneration and reduce travel times across the City through 38 stations from Maidenhead and Heathrow in the west across new twin-bore 13 miles tunnels to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. View Crossrail route here.

Marking its halfway point, Prime Minister David Cameron, Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Crossrail Minister Stephen Hammond visited the Tottenham Court Road site, some 25 metres below ground to observe development.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “There was a time when some said that building a huge tunnel deep below the streets of London was a mad plan that would do nothing for our economy. But as this awe-inspiring project hits its halfway point – we can see how wrong the naysayers were. Crossrail will revolutionise east-west transit in the capital, making London an even more attractive place to visit and invest. This project is not just good for London; it’s good for the whole of Britain, responsible for 55,000 jobs across the country and showing that the UK can deliver on major infrastructure projects.”

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Big infrastructure projects like Crossrail are vital for the economy of London and the rest of Britain. They are the foundation-stone on which business can grow, compete and support jobs – a massive 55,000 jobs in the construction phase of this project alone.”

Business Development and Crossrail

From the 1830s, railways have facilitated business by providing rapid transport of materials and products and allowing people in business to move quickly from one location to another. Crossrail concentrates on passenger transport. People will be able to move from Romford in East London to boroughs in West London in half the time currently needed.

London prides itself on being a centre for business ranging from finance to the law. A clean and tidy office makes it easier and quicker to do work and leads to greater efficiency. Clients will be impressed by your neat office. Some firms employ their own cleaners but the majority of office cleaning in London

Office Cleaning London
Office Cleaning London

is carried out be specialist cleaning companies.

If you live in boroughs to either side of London, Crossrail will increase the value of your property but it should you need more space; a larger property will be correspondingly more expensive. Consider roof space conversions that will provide the additional space relatively cheaply. Before engaging in expensive building work like a roof conversion in London, consult solicitors in London to ensure that there is a contract acceptable to both parties.

In the long-term, improving your property, will provide immediate benefits for you and in the long-term will increase the value of your largest asset. A new kitchen will certainly provide you with both. If you live or work in central London, visit one of the major kitchen showrooms. When Crossrail opens, travelling to such showrooms in any part of London will become even easier.

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