Content Resources for Online Content Marketing


A crucial part of internet marketing to obtain even more leads and more business is the improvement of new content which shows experience – this is content marketing. Website visitors who discover fascinating articles and information could invest more time on your site and look at more web pages and this will enhance the quality score of your website and its pages. This will certainly have a positive result on your positioning on online internet search engines like Google.

So where can you see good quality information concerning new concepts for your new articles?

Searches Online

Divorce Law BookInternet searches for things like “advantages of …”. A firm of solicitors in London might search for “advantages of using a family lawyer in Hendon” and they might find a great deal of interesting information about matrimonial law or the splitting of financial assets which can be adapted for their website; likewise, social media for solicitors is very important in promoting websites.




Media available Online

There are a series of media sources available online that provide posts on a wide variety of subjects and some will absolutely be relevant for your website. These include:-

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Local Web Media

A search online for ‘regional papers’ will absolutely give a listing of practical information resources in your local area.

Short Article Directories

Some writers frequently release short write-ups on Article Directories. Beneficial directory sites include:-

The Keyword Planner

leaflet-letterbox-dollarphotoclub_6006762-300x200The Google Keyword Planner is a valuable keyword tool provided by Google to help individuals trying to find information to help with the establishing of AdWords. A leaflet delivery company in London might search for relevant keywords and with careful keyword research they might find keywords like door to door flyer delivery or leaflet distribution.


Alerts on Google

You might establish Google Alerts so that you will be alerted of relevant posts on a particular topic.

Copying Information v Fresh Internet Content

Search engines like Google do not like to see replicated information on different sites as this is not enjoyed by searchers. It is vital that you don’t copy an article by simply replicating something from another website and placing it on your site. You could as a minimum, change the article and put your own personal remarks in. Include your own photos and videos to make it look even more remarkable.

Blog site Articles and Social Media site Auto-populating

If your website runs on WordPress, there are various plugins, like JetPack, that can be established to post summaries of your articles on their own without you intervening to your Facebook and Twitter web pages.