Why Call Answering is an important marketing tool

Marketing is essential for any business today. Without customers, you would absolutely have no business so taking care of your existing client base, as well as trying to acquire new customers, is a crucial part of marketing.

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A family lawyer in Barnet might be highly knowledgeable in all aspects of divorce, financial settlements, Estate planning and inheritance tax but without any customers, their company is not likely to flourish.


They might additionally have an amazing internet site created by web designers in Essex who specialise in websites for solicitors but if the website is not on the first page of the Google results pages, the website might not be found by anyone in need of a lawyer.

Another factor that is often overlooked in smaller companies is the way in which a phone call is dealt with and that can be the difference between succeeding in acquiring a new client or losing them.

Are you failing to gain new clients due to poor call handling?

Marketing with the aim of acquiring new clients is expensive for a company. Almost every company these days will certainly have a website but along with the price of setting up that website, if you need to be discovered through internet search engines with SEO or Pay Per Click advertising and marketing, the cost of this marketing needs to be factored in to your budgets.

The person accountable for sales in a company will most likely have designed and printed business cards.

There could also be somebody in the company who belongs to a business networking group and this might be fairly expensive, particularly taking into account travel expenses.

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The cost of Social Media networking need not be overlooked either. Being on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn — unless you are paying for adverts—does not cost anything except for your time. But you might spend ages networking online without actually achieving anything. A builder doing loft conversions in St Albans who is working on site all day might not have the time to be posting photographs of Velux roof extensions on Facebook or explaining in detail on their website the intricacies of building regulations, exempt buildings or building control.

You could similarly have numerous other adverts, utilize a sales executive or develop signage for your company. The list of things to do is long and can be extremely costly.

Every one of these factors helps you to get new business but it is expensive. Yet if you have done all these things and spent a large amount of money, if a telephone call comes in from a possible new client and it is left unanswered, you will absolutely lose that prospective new client because they will probably hang up and call somebody else.

If a phone call goes to voicemail, a prospective customer will possibly not leave a message and again you would absolutely have lost them.

If your business has actually been picked, it is essential that you do not lose the business at this stage. It would be wonderful to welcome prospective customers to your company so they can see just how your business works. Telephone answering for those phone calls that you cannot reach could be a reliable way of making sure you get that chance.

A telephone answering service will ensure that every call gets answered. A lot of telephone answering businesses will provide you with the choice of answering incoming telephone calls first of all and only answer the calls that you could not get to. This will give you more flexibility as well as keep your costs down.

It is a great shame to lose out on potential new clients through something which is so easy to fix and very cost effective.