The benefits to SEO of using WordPress to launch your content – Part 2

5. Use categories in addition to tags
The primary function of categories as well as tags are to assist internet site visitors in discovering your blog sites quickly, which subsequently helps you to get a much better search placement (if made use of effectively). Basically, categories are the tabulation for your blog and tags are the index that helps a search engine to understand your blog’s subject quickly.
Both the classifications as well as the tags aid you in establishing a better structure along with enabling Google to see it while indexing the posts on your WordPress site. So make certain that you have all the subcategories and have a well-structured write-up that makes it simple for the online search engine spiders to see your material.

 A firm of accountants in Romford could have a website packed with information regarding bookkeeping services and self assessment tax returns and to make it very easy for the online search engines to see your web content, accountants in Essex need to make sure that there are clear groups and tags for each post.

To include classifications, you will need to most likely go to Posts → Categories and Tags → Labels.
Try and take advantage of the greatest techniques to enhance the classifications as well as tags in WordPress for SEO.
6. Uncomplicated and tidy code
The code behind WordPress has to be straightforward as well as tidy, allowing the web internet search engine spiders to index your internet site easily. Because it is an open source system, you will see continuous alterations with regard to safety, performance as well as effectiveness to enable Google and also various other online search engines to place your site higher up the SERP with an enhanced quality score.
WordPress currently does well in this area, making certain that you establish it well.
7. Optimization of Photographs for SEO
If you want to bring in even more internet site traffic to your website, you cannot ignore photo optimization. It is among the vital facets of great SEO.
Photo optimization is about creating appealing, relevant image titles as well as alt text so that you will absolutely boost your direct exposure on Google and various other internet online search engines. WordPress makes it easy to add titles and alt text to your pictures when you submit them to its CMS, to make sure that picture optimization is just an issue of competing the best fields.
8. Linking up with associated posts

 Enable internet search engines to crawl through your older posts quickly by utilizing the related posts plugin. It is an amazing WordPress plugin that could help you to include a link to related messages within your brand-new content, ultimately boosting your SEO capabilities quickly.
The plugin makes it unbelievably simple to include pertinent blog posts in your posts and also pages, re-ordering linked articles via drag and drop, without creating any kind of code.

There are numerous other key points on WordPress SEO:
a) As Google wants to see fast-loading internet websites, WordPress makes it simple for you to enhance the speed of your site by:
Compressing the CSS in addition to JS documents
Lessening HTTP demands
Optimizing image document measurements
Utilizing Caching
Use of CDN options
Upgrading the core WordPress, established designs and plugins regularly
( b) WordPress permits you to develop a new web page with fresh, updated as well as much better content to help you improve rankings on SERPs.
( c) In case you forget to optimize the permalink of an existing/older blog post, you could tweak it to a much more pertinent and search engine-friendly link.
If you want to avoid a 404 oversight, then make sure you include a 301 irreversible redirect to the older version of your short article. This will absolutely reroute your internet site visitors and also internet search engines to the brand-new web link, which subsequently will make your pageviews better.


If you are utilizing WordPress as your Content Monitoring System (CMS), these suggestions should with any luck help you to use it in one of the most reliable ways to boost your search position.
All you need to do is acknowledge the out-of-the-box WordPress SEO functions for small business SEO as well as knowing the best ways to get more from them and you could bring in quality website traffic to your site.
Adapted from a brief post in Search Engine Watch