7 Explanations for why your website does not have many visitors and the best methods to rectify that – Part 1

You really feel as if you have done whatever is needed yet your website traffic numbers show otherwise.

Put simply, there must be something wrong.

Below are 7 reasons why your website traffic isn’t expanding.

  1. Your On-Page SEO is not strong enough

Google is the best source of free website traffic but getting your content within the top 10 results on the search engine results pages is a difficult task. Only the best websites can get near the top.

That proves that your content needs to be exceptional and that is only the start.

But there are other elements at play, which include setting up an XML sitemap, installing SEO plugins, boosting your web content for keyword search terms and more.

Without these, your opportunities of ranking highly on online search engines are slim. Missing out on one necessary element can cause lower rankings. If one musical instrument in a band is out of tune, that will certainly spoil the music. Likewise one SEO factor inadequately optimized will reduce the ranking.

How do you fix it?

Using WordPress SEO is a multi-step procedure that can be difficult at first. With some practice, it could end up being second nature.

– Set up and also configure Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is possibly the best WordPress SEO plugin. It’s simple to use and it does the job. To begin with, set up the plugin and use the configuration wizard to help with the setup.

Everyone understands that Google Analytics, Search Console as well as an XML sitemap are necessary.

Google Analytics lets you check your website’s general traffic. It’s also made use of to validate your website with the Browse Console.

The Browse Console allows you to track your search visibility. And also XML sitemaps provide a means for Google’s crawlers to review your site.

These comprehensive guides will certainly show you whatever you need to know: The Absolute Newbie’s Overview of Google Analytics by Moz and Ways to Add Your Website To Google Search Console by Yoast.

– Using Yoast’s On Page SEO attribute can help you to optimize your content.

It analyzes your web page and reveals exactly how well you’ve enhanced it around your keyword phrase.

  1. Your back links outline is poor

Back links play a critical role in your search rankings.

Lots of web pages that rank in the leading 2 or 3 pages typically have top quality links routing internet browsers to them. At the very least, their domain has a lot of authority, showing that their web link profile includes many back links from the industry’s best.

If you haven’t tried any kind of web link framework in the past, you probably don’t have that many back links.

And if this holds true, that’s probably the first reason that you’re not getting much website traffic from Google.

Obtaining web links is a Catch 22 situation. Internet search engines like Google suggest that you should not boost your web links synthetically. If you don’t have any web links, your site cannot be seen and nobody will link up with you.

How do you fix that?

It is a good idea to ask an SEO specialist in Essex to start increasing your web link profile. This ought to be done very carefully. Creating many web links for an internet site without any website traffic will certainly be seen as black hat techniques.

There are a few superb articles concerning web link building including: Resource Page Link Structure: The Conclusive Guide, Link Structure vs Link Earning: Which Is Better?

A surgery with specialist doctors for back pain treatment in London might have a website with keywords like shockwave therapy or musculoskeletal problems and an SEO expert can structure and promote your website to give your website a high domain authority for ranking highly on Google.

  1. Your target keywords are not achievable

It is widely understood that key phrases are exceptionally crucial to online internet search engine rankings.

The more often a keyword is in a Google search, the more it ends up being targeted by the finest writing in a particular industry.

Even if your content is the most effective, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have the capability to achieve high positions … the SERPs are unfair in that respect. They usually give the top positions to authority websites like Amazon, Business Owner as well as WebMD and also various other websites with a significant collection of inbound web links that you are not likely to beat.

How do you fix that?

Keyword SEO Pro will certainly do keyword analysis to analyze keyword difficulty in accordance with the web link profile of the leading rivals for a list of keywords. Keyword SEO Pro is an automatic process for balancing the Domain and Page Authorities for the pages currently on the leading page of Google for specific keywords. You can do this by hand but it takes about 10 minutes for every key phrase: if you have a list of search phrases to inspect the program will certainly save you time.

On the down side, if you are targeting long-tail search phrases, which are search terms with more than 4 or 5 words that are very specific, you will certainly have a much better chance of gaining web traffic.

You can mix the 2 choices together, target the long-tail keywords and while you are doing that, do whatever is necessary to expand your authority.

For instance, if you create a blog post, make sure that it’s ten times better than posts from your competitors.

Think about setting up some visitor posts on the top blogs in your business. Initially you could use one visitor post every month (maybe even once a week).

Examples – How to Create 20,000 Month-to-month Visitors Through Long-Tail Search by Neil Patel and another one on 25 Ways To Develop Online Authority by Vinny La Barbera.

Other ways of promoting your business might include using a leaflet delivery company that can design and print leaflets for door to door distribution and this can help to get your business known.

To follow in Part 2:

4 Your content is poor quality.

5 Your Headings do not attract clicks.

6 Your site’s user experience isn’t good.

7 There is no social media presence.

Adjusted from an article by Julian Sakanee